5 Pool Safety Tips to Prevent Pet Drowning Issues

By admin | April 30th, 2021 0

According to PetMD, approximately 400,000 dogs drown in the pool each year. If you think canines are the best swimmers, you’re wrong. Some breeds can never […]

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9 Common Concrete Pool Problems and How to Avoid Them

By admin | March 31st, 2021 0

When it comes pool problems, every type of inground swimming pool has its share of problems. Fiberglass pools have depth/size restrictions, vinyl liner pools require frequent […]

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How To Treat Pool Cloudy Water?

By admin | March 16th, 2021 0

Your pool water can get cloudy due to several reasons, including improper levels of chlorine, imbalanced pH and alkalinity, very high calcium hardness (CH) levels, faulty […]

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Swimming Tips For Diabetic Patients

By admin | February 25th, 2021 0

Swimming is a great exercise to stay fit and healthy, especially for people with diabetes.   Diabetic patients experience a few common health issues, such as joint […]

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Hidden Pool Drain Dangers 

By admin | February 20th, 2021 0

Swimming pools become massively popular as the weather warms up. But sadly, several dangers lurk beneath the pool water. These potential dangers can dampen your spirits […]

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5 Hidden Pool Dangers You Must Know

By admin | January 25th, 2021 0

There is nothing fun like swimming in the pool, but an average swimming pool can be more dangerous than you think. Read this blog to find […]

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Swimming and eye related issues

Swimming And Eye Related Issues

By admin | January 18th, 2021 0

Swimming is a great exercise to tone your body and a relaxing way to cool down. However, many swimmers experience a burning and stinging sensation in […]

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Can You Swim While Wearing Your Contact Lenses?

By admin | December 5th, 2020 0

If your eyesight is weak, you may feel like you need contacts to see well while swimming. Although they may help you to avoid bumping into walls […]

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Tips To Prevent Swimmer’s Ear

By admin | 0

Approximately 10% of people experience swimmer’s ear at some point during their lives. Swimmer’s ear, an outer ear infection occurs when contaminated water sits in the ear for […]

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Benefits of swimming in the winter

Is It Okay To Swim In The Winter?

By admin | December 2nd, 2020 0

In winter, you’ll find a few swimmers diving into the swimming pool at the crack of dawn or after a hectic day, even when the temperature […]

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